Alongside the development of our ASDAN and Functional skills achievements and opportunities for our young people and adults, we are keen to work to provide a range of practical in-depth training courses for practitioners working within the field of human-animal interaction, or those that are looking to set up good quality programmes and would like advice and support.

In response to the feedback gathered at previous networking and training events by those interested, studying and working in the field of Animal-Assisted Interventions, the People & Animals team have put together a 2-day programme full of talks, workshops and practical sessions, covering key areas to help with funding, piloting, managing and developing services, projects and programmes to promote the human-animal bond.


Excerpt from a report provided by Senior Occupational Therapist, Cambian Healthcare;

“…combining activities with dogs that include; responsibility, interaction, engagement and demands to provide a holistic approach of therapy. Often they do not see it as therapy but something they enjoy”