Meet the team

Katie Bristow – Director of Operations. Living with animals in the countryside all her life with a passion for Human Animal Interactions, even from the beginning of her career working in SEN provision, Katie began exploring how the school guinea pig could provide an essential focal point for engaging some children and young people to learn and thrive in relationships with staff and peers. This need to learn more continued, post University as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist, leading to continued qualifications and experience whilst exploring animal welfare and behaviour, and on to supporting veterinary teams across Oxfordshire in resolving ‘behavioural difficulties’ for companion animals and their human counterparts.
Leading the set-up and development of the PAWS Family Dog Service (Dogs for Good) from 2010, supporting over 1000 families of children on the autism spectrum throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to select, care for and train their own pet dogs to empower children and families for healthier lives.
Co-founding People & Animals UK CIC with Julie Milsom in 2015, leading the operations and strategic development of the company, from networking and training events for professionals exploring Green Care provision and Human-Animal Interaction, to Outreach programme development, to the establishment of Wisbech Community Farm and its evaluation for replicable models to be considered across communities.


Julie Milsom – Director – Standardisation & Monitoring. Having been around animals all her life and with an interest in the Human : Animal bond and its application as a therapeutic intervention Julie was finally able to explore this professionally whilst teaching animal management in Further Education working with learners on Pre-Foundation programmes to NVQ Level 3. Her industrial experience includes facilitating a comprehensive work based learning network in the land based sector across the West Midlands and contributing as an advisor on Animal Health & Welfare. In 2022 she participated in the Integrated Care Sector System’s Leadership Management Programme.

In 2007 Julie co-founded the first Community Farm model which was the fore runner of Hereford Community Farm CIC of which she remains active as both Director and Project Manager and liaises with funders, commissioners, statutory services, education and the public sector. She is currently working on establishing a collaborative ‘Green Care’ provision repurposing a traditional smallholding and 19 acres as a Community Asset incorporating Alternative Education Provision.
In 2013 serving as part of a steering group of the Society of Companion Animal Studies developing the first national Code of Practice in Animal Assisted Interventions she met Katie Bristow and in 2015 they co-founded People & Animals AAI UK CIC as a forum to deliver collaborative training, seminars and workshops across the sphere of Animal Assisted Interventions in the UK.




Lesley Bristow, Director – Financial Monitoring & Administrative Support, brings financial and administrative support to ensure a solid infra-structure to put the organisation in the best possible place for progressing.



John Trimble, Director – Social & Therapeutic Horticulture Consultancy, has a University Diploma in Therapeutic Horticulture and co-founder of Hereford Community Farm, John supports the team with his experience in establishing community green spaces throughout the UK.




Kevin, Programme Support – Woodwork/STH. Brings experience in working with young people and adults with an interest in carpentry and green woodworking. With a background also in Landscape Gardening, Kevin leads our Grounds Maintenance and Horticulture programmes too!



Charlie, Animal Management Lead – looks after all of our fluffy and feathery friends! She also sometimes helps in sessions to support our ASDAN Animal Care learners, combining her animal expertise and BSc Psychology. Charlie has also recently completed her training to deliver Functional Skills Maths courses to some of those we engage.



Fiona, Programme Support – Communities. Brings a combination of experiences working for many years in Secondary and Further Education, Dementia Support Services and as a Children’s Practitioner in Children’s Services.





Gail, Programme Support – having working in most Primary and Secondary schools across Cambridgeshire as a HLTA and TA, and as a Family Worker for Cambridgeshire County Council, she brings a wealth of expertise to the team across generations.



Jess, Programme Support – Tutor, has a Psychology degree, and has ridden horses and trained dogs since 3 years old.



Teresa, Animal-Assisted Intervention Outreach Lead – brings a combination of experience in support services for people with dementia and their families, Veterinary nursing, training and competing dogs and horses; plus qualifications in Psychology PGdip, Sociology and History BA.






Everyone has a skill to share, together our value is greater.


Alongside a recruitment strategy to enable our multi-disciplinary team of staff team growth to reach increasing demand of services, our strengths also lay in our collaborative partnerships; bringing in Play Therapists, Social-Therapeutic Horticulturalists, Bushcraft professionals, Community Arts, Youth Workers and Teachers. We are also building a team of fantastic volunteers, with stringent safer recruitment, training and supervision procedures developing alongside.

The organisation embeds and operates co-production via the community-based steering and advisory groups, which has representatives from across the community and from service participants, to ensure that service design, delivery, and activities meet the needs of the local community.

Alongside ensuring insurances, risk assessments, appropriate training, DBS, and safeguarding policies are regularly reviewed, with animal welfare underpinning all that we do, each animal is independently selected and regularly assessed to ensure that any activity asked of them enhances their well-being just as much as that of the people they interact with. This includes session type, length and frequency. With an external RVN veterinary nurse assessing our animals regularly. See below to meet the four-legged members of our team …