Meet the team

We have pulled together a multi-disciplinary team of staff, volunteers, and advisors to ensure that we provide high-quality, sustainable services Nationwide.
Alongside ensuring insurances, risk assessments, appropriate training, DBS, and safegaurding policies are regularly reviewed, with animal welfare underpinning all that we do, each animal is independently selected and regularly assessed to ensure that any activity asked of them enhances their well-being just as much as that of the people they interact with. This includes session type, length and frequency. With an external RVN veterinary nurse assessing our animals regularly. Click each picture to learn more …



Everyone has a skill to share, together our value is greater.


Many other community members come together each week, alongside the staff team and external professionals who specialise in; psychology, occupational therapy, animal behaviour and welfare, veterinary care, research and social investment, community development and more … giving us a broader outlook and greater value moving forward.


Lets not forget the four-legged members of our team!